Poetry Online

“Poem Ending in the Title of a Frank Bidart Poem”
The Night Heron Barks 

“Ruminations #9”
Columbia Journal

“Milk Sickness: A Mother Worries While Her Children Sleep”
Philadelphia Stories

“Isaiah 54:5 (A Self-Portrait)”
Philadelphia Stories

“A Turn in the Path”
Philadelphia Stories

“How to Make Mac n’ Cheese (wearing a pink mini-skirt)”
Mojave River Review 

“Theory of Desire and Other Hungers”
Mojave River Review

This is the Poem Where I Rewrite Your Story”
Mojave River Review

“The River Wide”
The Loch Raven Review

“The Seduction of Grief”
The Loch Raven Review

“Writing Love Poems in Pencil”
The Loch Raven Review

“What the Moon Believes”
The Ekphrastic Review

“The Guitarist’s Lament”
The Ekphrastic Review

“Washing the Dishes by Hand”


“A Docent Interprets Aloft by Erica Zoë Loustau,” “This Mappa Mundi,” & “Loving the Che in Him”
Dreamstreets #65

Poetry In Print

Main Street Rag

“I Caught a Train to Dublin Once” & “By Chance One Night, I Met a Man Named Sunday”
Gargoyle 68

“Seasonal Knitting Patterns of an American Housewife”
The Healing Muse 

Maadulampazham (In Which Her Daughter Hears the Diagnosis)”
Gigantic Sequins 

Fiction and Non-Fiction

“Dead Girl Blues”
(short fiction)

“Notes from a Time Traveler” (non-fiction)
The Broadkill Review


The Broadkill Review-Instinct to Invent: An interview with John A. Nieves

The Broadkill Review-Who’s Zoomin’ Who? An interview with Gerry LaFemina and Franetta McMillian in song

The Broadkill Review-Desperately Attentive to Life: an Interview with Jason Koo 

The Broadkill Review-Amplifying Carpe Diem: An Interview with Dogfish Head Poetry Prize Winner D.L. Pearlman

The Broadkill Review-Equal Parts Instruction & Delight: An Interview with poet, editor, & literary historian, Kim Roberts 

The Broadkill Review- Not Everything Can Be Tamed: an interview with Lorette C. Luzajic, editor of The Ekphrastic Review

Podcasts & Videos

The Broadkill Review Podcast: Winter 2021 with Sara Youngblood Gregory”

Poetry Reading: “This is the Poem Where I Rewrite Your Story”

Poetry Talk: “On What Inspires Her Poetry”

Poetry Talk: “Why National Poetry Month is Important”

Poetry Reading: “Three Poems”

Biggs Museum: Award Winners XX Virtual Exhibition

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