In Words


“Milk Sickness: A Mother Worries as Her Children Sleep” Winner: Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry, 2020

“The Resistance of Memory”

“Maadulampazham (In Which Her Daughter Hears the Diagnosis) Winner: Gigantic Sequins Poetry Contest, 2019

“Isaiah 54:5 (A Self-Portrait)”

“A Turn in the Path”

  • “How to Make Mac n’ Cheese (wearing a pink mini-skirt)”
  • “Theory of Desire and Other Hungers”
  • “This is the Poem Where I Rewrite Your Story”

“i know how a girl disappears”

  • “The River Wide”
  • “The Seduction of Grief”
  • “Writing Love Poems in Pencil”

“What the Moon Believes”

  • “Nocturne for the Voiceless”
  • “Like a Ship Upon the Sea.”

“The Guitarist’s Lament”

  • “I Caught a Train to Dublin Once”
  • “One Night I Met a Man Named Sunday”



“Mea Culpa”


Amplifying Carpe Diem: An Interview with Dogfish Head Poetry Prize Winner, D.L. Pearlman

Equal Parts Instruction & Delight: An Interview with poet, editor, & literary historian, Kim Roberts

Not Everything Can Be Tamed: an interview with Lorette C. Luzajic, editor of The Ekphrastic Review